1980 Gardner Denver Modified 2000            $265,000.00

With Capacity of 2800′, mounted on 1980 Crane Carrier, 400 Cummins, 4 axle crane carrier, 54′ HD square derrick/6 line blocks 5/8″cable, 4 1/2″x 37′ square kelly, roller kelly bushing, 4 leveling jacks, on deck mud pump- GD FXX 7 1/2″x 8  chain drive-gear end, fresh overhaul on it, 18″ GD rotary table, GD 2000 HD 3 drum draw works with fresh overhaul, hydro brake, set up with elevators and compression slips, hydraulic pull downs, full set of tongs, weight indicator, side catwalks, spinning chain.

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